About us

Controle Alt Delete is an independent initiative of IZI Solutions, committed to fighting racial profiling.

About us

According to Amnesty International, a permanent cooperation partner, racial profiling is "a form of discrimination and therefore in violation of human rights". Our goals are that the police are there for everyone, that everyone who abides by the law has an equal chance of being stopped and that everyone has the same level of trust in the police regardless of their origin. Driving forces are Dionne Abdoelhafiezkhan, Gideon Everduim, Jair Schalkwijk and Nesrine Benyakhlav. The organization is supported by volunteers and many (young) adults who act as our eyes and ears. Wherever possible, there is close cooperation with human rights organizations, anti-discrimination facilities and grassroots movements.

Police for everyone
For years, the police have carries our proactive police work, doing preventive stops and searched. Their target is to arrest more suspects in this way and to prevent crime. However, no research shows that proactive police stops effectively contribute to reducing crime. People with a non-Western migration background are stopped more often than people with a Dutch background, they are more often regarded as suspects and receive a prison sentence more often. They have less trust in the police. The impact is huge: it gives people the feeling that the police are not there for them. That must change.

Attention comes and goes
It is important to point out that in the Netherlands, six years ago, little or no attention was paid to the phenomenon of racial profiling. It was not part of the public debate, as is now the case. Organizations such as Controle Alt Delete and Amnesty Internatonal have actively placed racial profiling on the agenda and know how to keep it there. In six years time a lot has changed on paper, but in practice racial profiling continues. The subject must therefore remain high on the agenda.

Apart from Controle Alt Delete and Amnesty International, no human rights organization in the Netherlands has racial profiling on the agenda. The Ombudsman and the Dutch Equality Body have recently established their long-term agendas: racial profiling is not on the list. Anti-discrimination facilities do not actively engage in discussing racial profiling: they do not raise the issue with important stakeholders in the city (e.g. the mayor) and do not play a role in the public debate on this subject. The police say they are committed to ending racial profiling, but reducing racial profiling has not been set as an objective anywhere. The focus on reducing racial profiling will fade away when there is no longer a demand for honest police action.

The power of contradiction
We reflect in a critical, constructive and creative way on social developments and developments within the police. We address racial profiling by organizing meetings and dialogue sessions. We produce critical films and help to produce movies. We give workshops, lectures and presentations. We write blogs, summarize research and are a knowledge center. All our work focuses on providing constructive solutions for policy change and practical change. 

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